Talent development

Talent development

All employees have talent. In order to support the goals of the organisation and long term strategies it is worthwhile to focus on staff with specific potentials and willpower to develop and use these to the benefit of the organisation.

In our experience, talent development retains and attracts talents to the organisation, and simultaneously specific talents are challenged and supported to reach their potential within the framework of the organisational values and goals.

All talent development courses aim to support:

• The individual talent to convert personal strengths and weaknesses into professional competencies.
• The individual talent to elucidate career goals and aims in relation to a more holistic development.
• The individual talent to be challenged and supported in relation to unlocking of potential and talents in an organisational context.

Green Andersen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:

• Develop and unlock talent in the individual employee.
• Retain and attract talents by emphasising personal realisation of potential and areas for development.
• Establish talent networks for sharing of knowledge and sparring.
• Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Talent development frequently consists of a longer course of 10 days split into 4 modules and follow up coaching sessions. The course is frequently extended over 12 to 18 months.

Talent development is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, wanting to actively develop talents.