Stress Coaching

Stress Coaching

Stress coaching is aimed at managers and staff members who wish to work on the situations that create stress in their personal and working lives. Whether you are currently off sick or experience stress in specific situations at work, the coaching will focus on symptoms of stress and their potential increasing or decreasing and should be seen as help to self help.

Reasons to choose stress coaching include:

• You wish to create a balance between work, family and your personal values.
• You want to make issues around the stress you experience evident in order to be able to work on your situation.
• You experience psychological stress as a result of the uncertainty of organisational change processes.
• You want to enhance your ability to set boundaries.

A stress coaching course consists of a minimum of 5 sessions of 1,5 hours duration, but often more. Usually, the time span between session would be 1 week initially and 2-4 weeks between the last sessions.