Project management

Project management

Projects should be managed as well as directed, as both direction and management together is necessary to solve projects and create results in project groups. Project management is about motivation, creating shared visions for staff, generate relationships and build effective teams.

Green Andersen has years of experience in courses for project management. Our experience shows that project management requires mastering the balance between direction and management.

All project management courses aim to support:

• The individual project manager to understand the individual phases of group development and the role of the project manager in each phase.
• The individual project manager to be able to understand and handle rational and irrational dynamics within project groups.
• The individual project manager to be able to convert personal strengths and weaknesses into professional competencies.
• The individual project manager to be able to develop in relation to new demands and challenges.

Green Andersen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:

• Mobilise and develop project managers on all levels.
• Support project groups through processes of change and development.
• Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Project management frequently consists of 5 course days split into a kickoff, a seminar and a follow up day. The course is approximately 2 months in duration.

Project management is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, wanting to develop project managers’ ability to create effective project groups.