Life balance

Life balance

Balancing values and daily priorities is a conundrum we’re all attempting to solve. Unfortunately, too often working life encompasses so many challenges that well-meaning initiatives fail.

Green Andersen have years of experience working with life balance in organisations on various levels. Our experience shows that the balance state of the individual in crucial to the performance of the individual, team and organisation. Whether the imbalance is between work and family life, or between personal and work life differs, but focusing on life balance within the organisation is central to welfare and functioning.

All life balance courses aim to support:

• The individual employee in the personal life balance in relation to the personal role.
• The individual to become able to set boundaries and prioritise.
• The individual to become able to see the relationship between the personal and professional sphere.

Green Andersen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:

• Support managers in working with life balance in a focused manner.
• Embed knowledge of life balance throughout the organisation.
• Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Life balance can consist of seminars and a unit of 4 course days split into 2 modules and follow up coaching sessions. The course frequently stretches over several months.

Life balance is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, experiencing increasing pressure in the form of changes, stress and sickness or wanting to prevent stress and sickness.