Dynamic Coaching Qualification

Dynamic Coaching Qualification

Green Andersen offers a coaching qualification aimed at coaches and HR consultants wanting to gain insight and incorporate an emotional and irrational perspective in coaching on an individual and team level. The course offers coaching techniques inspired by psychodynamic theory and intensive dynamic short-term therapy, as we feel lasting change can only occur if you incorporate the irrational and emotions into coaching and in this way gain a rational understanding of the irrational.

You will gain:

• Tools to enable you to work with emotions in coaching and gain lasting results
• A qualification in individual and team coaching
• Meeting and learning from international authorities in psychodynamic coaching and intensive dynamic short-term therapy
• The opportunity for personal development in relation to the coaching role

The course

The course is 2 years in duration and concludes with an exam. Each academic year consists of 5 modules of 2 days duration and linking coaching practice. You enrol for one year at a time.

Year 1

Psychodynamic coaching

Year 2

Intensive dynamic short term therapy in coaching