Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic Coaching

Dynamic coaching consists of a number of sessions with a professional coach. The basis of coaching is your aspiration to develop your personal competencies within your professional role. All Green Andersen coaches have relevant psychology backgrounds.

The aim of dynamic coaching is to develop your professional role and patterns of behaviour through increased self awareness and an understanding of the dynamics you are involved in. Dynamic coaching examines the relationship between the individual, role and organisation. The values and culture of the organisation contributes to a framework in which you can adjust and influence your professional role. Simultaneously you utilise yourself and your personal experiences and patterns in the way you apply yourself within this framework. By exploring this field you can become conscious of your own automatic reactions. As you become increasingly conscious and explore the feelings attached to these reactions, it will become possible to stop and consider the situation you are faced with. For example, is it still necessary to be competitive or deferential?

The role of the coach is to help you to develop available potential and to manage current and future challenges in the most suitable manner. This is done by questioning, challenging and supporting you in the process to achieve your goal. It is up to you to decide the focal point within your professional role.

Coaching is confidential and no information will be passed on to third parties.

Dynamic coaching is suitable for managers and staff at all levels.