Change management and Mergers

Change management and Mergers

A healthy organisation is constantly changing. Changes, restructuring and mergers affect all organisations. All organisations must be able to cope with this in a constructive manner in order to realize the desired goals.

Over and over, we notice that changing priorities, goals and restructuring of organisations require the individual leader and the organisation to break boundaries and think innovatively whilst remaining balanced. Thus, to think and act differently and process changes on an emotional level is a key competency for both managers and staff. Additionally, it is vital for a changing organisation to have a number of “agents for change”, who are capable of appraise change and support development in the right direction.

All change management courses aim to support:

• The organisation’s focus on development and goals in the process of change.
• The individual manager to facilitate processing the emotional reactions to change.
• The individual member of staff to be able to see direction in the chaos change causes.

Green Andersen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:
• Mobilise leaders, union representatives and other key persons to act suitably as agents of change during chaotic times.
• Support leaders and management groups though processes of change and development.
• Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Change management can consist of various services such as a session on psychological mechanisms during processes of change, a process of several modules of 1-3 days duration, or a process supporting a specific change or merging process.

Change management is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, in any stage of the process of change, wanting assistance in making the process as beneficial as possible.