Executive Leadership Training, ELT

Executive Leadership Training, ELT

Over a number of years, Green Andersen has successfully implemented the ELT course for executives and senior managers wanting to develop and improve their personal leadership style in relation to strategy implementation and organisational development.

The course is a forum for you on a high professional level to explore and elucidate current challenges which lies within the role of the leader and strategic decision making. The course focuses on personal leadership in relation to change, strategy and implementation.

You will gain:

• An enhanced ability to adapt strategies and future demands to a tactical level.
• Theoretical tools to manage the daily challenges as a leader.
• A new network and the opportunity to share knowledge with leaders from non-competing organisations.
• Increased understanding of strategy implementation, leadership and organisational development

The programme:

The ELT programme consists of 13 days over 5 modules of 2 to 3 days residential stay, one of which will take place at Ashridge Business School, London. Concurrent to the modules you will participate in an individual coaching, consisting of 5 sessions based on a 360° leadership analysis.

Participants are divided into smaller groups.

For further information contact us at ga@green-andersen.dk or +45 33 32 39 60